Sehat Card Hospital List Mandi Bahauddin

Accessibility to the best possible medical treatment is a fundamental right of every citizen of the country. With the horrific diseases spreading across the country, and development in the latest medical technology, ordinary medical assistance or procedure can sum up to a massive amount. Living in a country where the majority of the population is living a middle-class standard of living, it is of utmost importance to have access to quality treatment with minimal or no cost.

Pakistan has initiated a tremendous program to facilitate the underprivileged citizen of the country with the best possible medical treatment. The initiative is under the title of the Sehat Sahulat Program. The Sehat Sahulat Program is a major leap toward public healthcare reforms; it makes sure that delegated underprivileged persons around the nation have access to their legitimate medical treatment in a timely and respectable way, free of charge. The SSP program’s goal is to increase the neglected population’s access to high-quality medical care through a microinsurance program with a success rate of 97%. 

All medical and surgical processes, hospitalization, maternity care, follow-ups, and consulting are available with no out-of-pocket costs. Their Sehat Insaf Card, which is distributed to all registered citizens and has a one-year validity, is all they need to access these services. 

Mandi Bahauddin has a phenomenal medical facility. The selected hospitals are from the government and private sectors. The hospital selected for sehat card facility are enlisted as follows

S.N Hospital name Address
1 Bashir Begum Surgical and General hospital Opposite Ghazali college, Sargodha Road, Mandi B
2 Khokhar hospital Phalia Road, adjacent to total filling station Mandi Bahauddin
3 Shahzeb surgical and general hospital Located on Gujrat Road, tehsil Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin
4 Alvi hospital Phalia road, Mandi Bahauddin
5 Waris hospital Mangat market, Mandi Bahauddin
6 Gilani hospital Located near phalia bus stand, Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin
7 Ghias hospital Adjacent to ptcl office, Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin
8 Zia eye and general clinic Ghanyan road, district Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin
9 DHQ hospital, Mandi Bahauddin Murala road dist. Complex, Mandi Bahauddin
10 THQ hospital, Malakwal Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin
11 THQ hospital, Phalia Ghunian road, Mandi Bahauddin
12 Zafar surgical hospital Located on Rana chowk, Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin

Under the beneficiary of sehat card, hospitals that are enlisted above provide several different services to the card holders. For instance, Waris hospital accommodates patients requiring maternity care and general surgery. Moreover, neurological consultation is also provided by the hospital. Alvi hospital provides medical assistance regarding general and eye surgery, and medical consultation by one-of-a-kind medical specialists. Similarly, Khokhar hospital has experts and doctors who facilitate patients with orthopedic problems. 

Sehat card has not only proven to be the best decision by the government of Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but is also proven to be successfully running with a success rate of 97% and facilitating the citizens of the nation.


Q: how to check for eligibility?

A: Send an SMS your National Id Card to 8500 to see if you qualify for the program.

Q: How frequently can I use my Sehat card in health facilities?

A: A family is permitted to spend up to 400,000 Pakistani rupees on primary healthcare and 60,000 on supplemental healthcare. Family members can use the card till the monetary limit is reached. In cases of pregnancy and life-threatening conditions, families are given additional financial allowances.

Q: Who is included in a Beneficiary's Family?

A: Husband, wife, unmarried children, and children born in the hospital that are enlisted in the sehat program.

Q: Is there a maximum age for this scheme?

A: There is no age restriction to be included in this program.