Property Dealers in Mandi Bahaudin

A property dealer operates as a conduit between a buyer and a seller of real estate. The advantages of dealing through a property dealer are many. Starting from shortlisting properties, property valuation, site visits, final negotiations, and up to transfer of title, the real estate agent renders his/her expert services. Mandi Bahaudin is growing in terms of its availability of adequate infrastructure, newer investment opportunities supported by the government, and potential profits, Additionally, the present administration provides a variety of investment avenues as well as a secure and favorable environment for investment in Mandi Bahaudin. 

Some of the top property dealers that are in Mandi Bahaudin are enlisted as follows:

Al-Shamas Property Dealers and Builders

Al-Shamas property dealers and builders is a renowned name in Mandi Bahaudin. They are in Sultan town, Mandi Bahaudin. The managing director, Mr. Shabbir Shamas manages the real estate dealings. They work in the selling and buying of properties which include residential plots and commercial plots as well as pre-build houses. They also deal in building houses with modern amenities according to the lavish living standard. Their services can also be availed for renting properties in Mandi Bahaudin whether commercial or residential.

Al-Assar Associates

Al-Assar associates are one of the prestigious names in the real estate market. They make selling, buying, and renting properties an easy and comfortable process. Al-Assar associates put great efforts into fulfilling the needs of their clients. They have expertise in the field of real estate marketing understanding the local market as well as several different other aspects of real estate. They deal with different types of properties, including flats, apartments, commercial plots, and residential plots. Moreover, these properties are available for rental and selling purposes. Currently, they have 136 properties available which include houses, flats, and commercial plots. They are listed as titanium agencies on recognizing them as one the most trustworthy agency, offering the best services.

Shalimar Property Dealers

Shalimar property dealer, a remarkable and trustworthy name in Mandi Bahaudin. it is in Falak tower ward 5 in Mandi Bahaudin. they deal in selling and buying of shops, residential plots as well as commercial plots. They provide vast variety of real estate option to chose from when it comes to buying or renting. Shalimar property dealers are the name of comfortable experience while making the biggest investment in your life

Punjab Developers

Punjab developers, formerly known as Punjab property dealers. it is a well-known real estate company in the area with an impressive track record of accomplishments covering more than 25 years. They are in Punjab Centre at Phalia road, Mandi Bahauddin. They deal in renting and buying of different types of properties which include shops, flats, residential, and commercial plots. Currently, they are working  on several different projects which includes palladium tower, Ali town, Ahmed town and many more. They not only provide a smooth renting process but also make sure to give their clients the best possible options to choose from the best budget-friendly options.

Al-Haram Property Dealer

Al-Haram property dealers are the registered real estate agents located at kathiyala road opposite PSO Butt petroleum Phalia in Mandi Bahauddin. they have plots available in 5 marla, 6 marla, 7 marla, and 8 marla. The plots are located at attractive sites in Mandi Bahauddin with wide carpeted roads. Moreover, they also aid their customers in renting different properties such as shops, houses, and commercial buildings for office. They are one of the best property dealers available in the real estate market in Mandi Bahauddin.


Renting and buying a property can be a hectic job. A property dealer can make your dream house a reality by providing budget-friendly options and making this troublesome experience a tireless one. Mandi Bahaudin has a remarkable framework of real estate agents and property dealers that are available to guide their customers and pave the path to better future.