Phalia City, Mandi Bahauddin (پھالیہ سٹی)

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Phalia city is located in the central Punjab and it’s the main city of district Mandi Bahauddin. It’s only 22 km from the main city. According to the 2017 census, the total population of the Phalia is around 53 thousands. Due to its historical background, it’s a landmark and historical city in the Punjab. 


The great battle of the Hydaspes River was fought in this area in 326 BC. Alexander The Great and his squad arrived there to fight with the army of Raja Porus. His army defeated the army of Indian king Porus.Afterall, he established a city before exiting the area and crossing the river Hydaspes ( River Jhelum ). He named the city Bucephala, and according to history books, Becephala was the name of his most popular and loyal horse. 

After the fall of the great Mughal Empire, the sikh ruled this whole area including Bhawalnagar and all these areas. This time was very tough for the muslims in this region, and they faced many restrictions during the Sikh rule. After the partition, thousands of Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India, and thousands of muslims were settled in the Mandi Bahauddin and related districts. 

This area is a historical heritage but, unfortunately governments and people didn’t take care of this ancient city and historical places. In 2010, the city’s most valuable land was designated as commercial land, and commercial activities such as shopping malls, banquets, and commercial buildings began. Most of the precious heritage is lost now.

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Locations & Geography

Phalia is situated between the Mandi Bahauddin and Gujrat. It’s about 22 km away from the main city, and around 50 kilometers from Gujrat. M-2 motorway interchange is only 50 miles away from this small city.  

When it comes to the temperature, it’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter, just like many other Punjabi cities. On average, the rainfall is about 50 millimeters and it’s 205 meters above the sea level.

Health Facilities

In terms of health facilities, the city’s whole population rely on the main government hospital, which is located in the main city. There are also a number of private clinics and hospitals in the area.

Means of Earning

Agriculture and livestock is the main source of earning here. Many people are serving in national departments like the Armed forces, and other institutions while others are settled abroad for their jobs and business.

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As it’s located in Punjab, Punjabi is the mother language of these people. Only Urdu and Punjabi are the main languages in the city.

Registered Voters

The registered voters in the city are around 1.5 lacs and half of them are female voters. 

Major Castes

Dozens of castes live in Phalia city and, according to sources, mughals are the largest caste here. Other castes include Chauhan, Sapra, Tarar, Khokhar, and many more.

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