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Mandi bahauddin is one of the famous cities in Pakistan. The name combines with two words mandi, which means it has a flourished grain market, and bahauddin means the old village. Mandi Bahauddin is the 41st largest city in Pakistan, counted by the rate of population. Now it has gained the value of separate and valuable districts in Pakistan. The district is known for its delightful climate in both seasons and mainly resonates according to the weather in Islamabad.

Popular Mandi Bahauddin Villages List:

There are several popular places and villages counted in Mandi Bahauddin, which we will discuss in our blog.

1. Malakwal

One of the most popular villages of Mandi bahauddin is Malakwal which is stated on the shahpur highway. The village has a separate railway station that is also known as the junction point. The village is known for its famous Mona depot (Army remount of horses) and daffer forest.

2. Rukkan:

One of the popular villages which are counted in the mandi bahauddin villages list is Rukkan which is highly populated among other villages. Rukkan village has more than six primary schools for girls and boys and two high schools for both genders.

3. Magat:

On the other the third most popular village of Mandi bahauddin is Mangat. It is one of the lovely villages which is considered a small town in Mandi bahauddin. It is occupied by a lot of attractive rivers and places. The village is known for its beautiful and lively look. A major part of this village is surrounded by green fields, which bring a peaceful sensation! 

4. Mong:

Another top-rated village of mandi bahauddin is Mong which is located in the north of the tehsil. The village is situated approximately 10 Km away from Islamabad; thus, it is occupied by many mountains and River Jhelum. It is one of the popular historical villages. 

5. Chelianwali:

Chelianwali village is popular for the graves of soldiers and British officers. The village has gained enough popularity because of its military significance. The people who are living their lives in this village are extremely loving and caring!

6. Gojra Tehsil:

A few miles away from Faisalabad, Gojra Tehsil is located in the center of Toba Tek Singh district. It is the commercial land that is known for its mandi for cash crops. It is considered the 50th most highly populated city in Pakistan. 

7. Qadirabad:

A few miles away, Qadirabad is situated, which is older than Mandi bahauddin and Phalia. The village is known for the graves of Mirza Qadir and his brother. The village has a tomb of Mughal Mukbra. The land of this village is highly fertile, and most of the families who live here depend upon agriculture!

8. Phalia City:

Phalia City is one of the popular and historical cities which is located in the central district of Mandi Bahauddin. It is one of the biggest Tehsil District in Mandi bahauddin. The peoples of this village are peaceful, hostile, and sincere!

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