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Mandi Bahauddin is among the hidden gems of Pakistan. The title Mandi Bahauddin springs from two regions: it got the name“Mandi” as it was a grain market in ancient times while Bahauddin was the popular Saint of the village “Pindi Bahauddin”. Located in Central Punjab, the district Mandi Bahauddin stands between two rivers Jehlum and Chenab. Tourists can find various attractions in the district. We have listed the top Famous places in Mandi Bahauddin. Have a look at:

Mandi Bahauddin Famous Places

1. Rasul Barrage

Rasul barrage is constructed between the river Jhelum and the district Mandi Bahauddin. This barrage efficiently controls the water flow and irrigation purposes. Moreover, it is also helpful in flood and heavy rain emergencies. 

With a capacity of 24070 cubic meters per second, water flow is diverted to the river Chenab through the popular link canal-Rasul Qadirabad Link Canal. Rasul Qadirabad Link Canal is known as the second-largest link canal in discharge capacity. It is the ideal place to visit. Tourists love to visit this watery area. For protection and safety, tourists and visitors are prohibited to swim and approach the water.

2. Gurdwara Bhai Bannu Mangat

Bhai Bannu Ji was a sikh follower of Guru Arjan Sahib. Bhai Bannu earned bhagat and Arjan Sahib appointed him at Mozang, Lahore. The purpose of the appointment was to preach Sikhism through the Guru Nanak’s words.  

At the distance of 12 kilometers from Mandi Bahauddin railway station, Gurdwara Bhai Bannu locates nearby the Mandi Bahauddin-Gujrat road. This Gurdwara is the famous place of the tehsil Phalia in the town of Mangat. Gurdwara was built under the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. It is among the holiest places for Sikhs. However, tourists of all religions like to visit the place to explore the history of Gurdwara. 

3. Mian Waheeduddin Park

The park is known as the first and the oldest public park in the district of Mandi Bahauddin. The place holds several adventures inside. Children, adults, and aged people equally like to enjoy the beauty of the place. 

You can find it at Thana Road, Gurrah Mohallah, Mandi Bahauddin district. The park keeps attracting people due to several interesting swings and rides. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is the family day.

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