Hospitals in Mandi Bahauddin

One of the proximal features any city should have is the best healthcare setting. During the surge of the pandemic in the last couple of years, hospitals have served a pivotal role to hold the grounds against all odds. Mandi Bahauddin has a remarkable framework of local hospitals which are aiding in creating the best healthcare facilities in the city. To name some, the following private and public sector hospitals make the top of the list: 

  1. Family care hospital
  2. DHQ Mandi Bahauddin
  3. Al-Ghani hospital and sugar center 
  4. Rahat hospital 
  5. Al-Shifa hospital 
  6. Alkaram hospital


Family care hospital, a private sector hospital, is in the medical hub of Mandi Bahauddin i.e., Lala Zaar Rd, Usmania Mohalla. Their motive is to serve humanity with the finest quality of medical care with respect and dignity. The highest standard of quality is maintained by Dr. Muhammad Saeed (PhD. Microbiology), head of the quality control and assurance department. The hospital has competent doctors and nursing staff with different healthcare expertise i.e., child specialists, ophthalmologists, physiotherapists, orthopedic surgeons, dermatologists, general physicians, and general surgeons. The hospital not only provides medical services but also have an internship program for young student to inspire them. Moreover, the hospital is well equipped for different pathology tests and traditional and digital X-rays in their clinical laboratory. Other facilities include a gym and dietitian, to take care of the overall health of the individuals of Mandi Bahauddin.


In a time of extreme inflation, top-notched government hospitals are the need of time. DHQ Mandi Bahauddin is a government sector hospital. It is located on Murala road near DJPS school. DHQ hospital is enhancing and supplementing the efficacy of several other components of the healthcare system by continuously making services for both acute and complicated diseases available. DHQ Mandi Bahauddin has a clinical and diagnostic department that offers services in different healthcare departments i.e., medicines, pulmonary infection associated with tuberculosis, physiotherapy and rehabilitation center, gynecology, radiology, and cardiology, and has one of the best dialysis Centers. These services expand to dental surgeries, and care and instruction for managing and eradicating hepatitis. The hospital has the finest staff and competent doctors with commendable work ethics. 24/7 emergency and trauma Centre is open to facilitate the people of Mandi Bahauddin. Apart from their specialty, their laboratories are highly equipped with advanced technological machines, where along with traditional X-ray, digital X-ray facilities are also available. The availability of blood banks and different pathological tests can be done under one roof.


With the ever-growing increase in the cases of diabetes, it is important to have a sugar/diabetic center in a city. To provide the basic instructions and precautions related to diabetes, Al-Ghani hospital is doing a remarkable job. Al-Ghani hospital is located on thana road in Mandi Bahauddin. To effectively address community health requirements, they focus limited resources inside carefully thought-out referral networks. The medical services offered by Al-Ghani hospital include experts in the department of cardiology, nephrology, dermatology,  general physician, general surgeon, and neurosurgeon. The health care workers and doctors are well-acknowledged for their services in the field of medicine. Along with their medical expertise the hospital is equipped with advanced technological machinery. Some of the services available right at the hospital include cystoscopy, MRI, CT scan, ECG, OPG, digital ultrasound, digital X-ray, and IPL laser treatment. Al-Ghani hospital is a private sector hospital providing services for humanity at a reasonable cost.


Rahat hospital is located centrally in the medical hub of Mandi Bahauddin, i.e.,  Phalia road, near Dar-e-arqam school. The hospital is operational 24/7 with emergency and trauma Centre resident doctors working tirelessly to combat any medical emergency coming their way. Their physiotherapy and rehabilitation Centre is one of a kind in Mandi Bahauddin. Efficient team of doctors are available in different departments of the health care, which includes child specialist, general surgeon, gynecologist, dental surgeon, general physician, and general surgeon. Nursing staff is well-trained to accommodate the needs of the patients. Pathology laboratory is also present to run basic diagnostic tests. Along with all the medical facilities available at the hospital, multiple pharmacies are available in the proximity to meet the needs of the patients. Moreover, hostel and canteen facilities are also available.


Al-Shifa hospital is a private sector hospital, located on the main street, Munshi Mohalla, Mandi Bahauddin. The hospital has qualified nursing staff along with proficient doctors working tirelessly in different medical departments. The al-Shifa Hospital has a wide range of specialists which includes child specialists, medical specialists, general physicians, and general surgeons. Different departments offer nurse care, nutritional testing, counseling, and medical supplies as well as patient support. The upkeep and administration of hospital buildings, staffing, budget planning, and personnel development plans are among these departments’ administrative duties. Al-Shifa hospital is open to the public 24/7. Furthermore, they have well-equipped pathology and diagnostic lab to run different blood tests. Pharmacy is also available to meet the pharmaceutical needs of the patients at Al-Shifa hospital


Alkaram hospital is a private sector hospital. It is located on the Kacheri road Mandi Bahauddin. The team of competent doctors makes this hospital one of a kind. The team of surgeons in Alkaram hospitals include general surgeon, orthopedic surgeon and neurosurgeon