History of Mandi Bahauddin

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Mandi Bahauddin is a historical district of the Punjab province, which is situated in the central Punjab between two rivers Jhelum and Chenab. It’s an important town from the British era. The mandi bahauddin name comes from two different sources. The prefix mandi, which was a grain market for so long, and  bahauddin was a soofi whose museum is found in the village, Pindi Bahauddin, near the main city.

History of Mandi Bahuddin

1. Old History

According to some sources of recorded history, it’s been found that this city has some connections with Alexander The Great. In the village Mong, 8-km northwest of today’s city and near the Jhelum river ( Greek Hydaspes ), the great battle was fought between Alexander and Raja Porus in 326 BCE. Indian sources named this battle as the Battle of Jhelum. This was the last major fight of Alexander before his death. Sardar gate can also be found here which was built in 1933 by British rulers. In 1949, the battle was fought between sikhs and indian british army at Chillianwala, which was later named as the battle of Chillianwala.

2. In British Era

If we look at the British era during the early 20th century, the present city was developed by Sir Malcum Heley in the shape of a large town. According to history books, he included around 51 chaks in the town, and laterly, it was named as Chak No. 51. The British empire distributed land in these chaks among its workers. After the setup of a large grain market in the city, it was slowly named as mandi bahauddin as explained above. It was awarded the status of a town committee in 1937. Eventually, it was granted the status of municipal committee in 1941.

3. After Partition

After the Pakistan independence, thousands of Sikhs and Hindus migrated towards India, and many muslims moved to Mandi Bahauddin. The city was granted the status of sub-division in 1960 by the government of Pakistan. To improve the agriculture and canal system in Punjab and major cities, the government started the Rasul Qadirabad and Rasul Barrage link canal project, according to the Indus basin irrigation entity. The great project was fully managed by WAPDA, and a new colony was formed for the staff of this project. After the completion of the project in 1968, the city started the journey towards commercial activities. Eventually, after a long time, Punjab chief minister Mian Manzoor Watto declared this city as a district headquarter of two districts Phalia and Malakwal.

4. The Current Situation

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According to the 2017 census, Mandi Bahauddin is the 41th largest city of Pakistan. The population of this district is around one and half million, as per the 2017 census. Nowadays, it’s mainly a market for livestock, grains, and vegetables. Residential areas are quite developed and have all the necessary amenities. You can find a number of housing societies and commercial projects here and many projects are in progress. Now, it’s the best mixture of both historical places and tourist spots.

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