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Introduction—Golden Gate City Mandi Bahauddin

Golden Gate City is an innovative housing society in Mandi Bahauddin that provides people a unique and modern living experience in easy installments. 

The project has massive potential and provides residents with a perfect opportunity to invest in their dream life. The project is being built in Phalia Mandi Bahauddin. 

The responsibility for the development of the project lies with Phalia Gymkhana and Crawford Developers. These developers have vast renown because of their expert engineers, architects, and employees who have developed many projects.

Project’s Location

Golden Gate City is located at Mandi Bahauddin Phalia Rd, in Mandi Bahauddin Punjab. The project is a joint venture of Crawford Developers and Phalia Gymkhana.

The specific location of the project is at 3 km in Mandi Bahauddin road, adjacent to Phalia Gymkhana. The project is a new landmark on the map with direct access to the main highway and all the important road networks of Mandi Bahauddin.

Why Choose Cygnus Villas?

Cygnus Villas are homes of the future. Everyone deserves to have a happy lifestyle with all the modern facilities that can make your life easier.

These villas are built according to the latest standards of living and provide you with a modern lifestyle with a touch of technology. The Villas are fully automated smart homes that bring ease and comfort into your life.

The residents of these villas will be able to experience a luxurious lifestyle where they will be able to control every aspect of their home from their mobile phones.

They will not only access the electronic devices and security cameras, but will also be able to monitor doors, windows, and presence in rooms with the help of advanced motion sensors.

Hence, residents will be able to live a safe and smart life in these villas.

Cygnus Villas—A Smart Way of Living

Cygnus Villas provide you with a smart and eco-friendly lifestyle that will bring your dreams to life. Cygnus Villas comprises smart homes that automate your lifestyle by providing you with complete control of your homes in the Golden Gate City Mandi Bahauddin.

The Cygnus smart lifestyle brings innovation into your life, where you can control everything electronic in your home through your mobile phone.

We provide you with 5 Marla, 7 Marla, and 10 Marla villas, which are embedded with modern technology and the latest electronic tools to make your lives easier.

Our smart homes include the following smart technologies:

Cygnus Villas Details and Pricing

These villas offer market competitive rates for modern living standards. Easy installment plans allow the residents of Mandi Bahauddin and other areas to afford these Villas easily and level up their lifestyle to a smart lifestyle.

The Cygnus smart lifestyle is available in three different villa sizes. Here are the details of these villas:

➤ 5 Marla :  The 5 Marla home provides you with a smart and modern lifestyle with economic pricing. These homes are fully equipped with smart technology to provide you with an elegant lifestyle.

➤ 7 Marla : The 7 Marla Cygnus Villas are larger, better, and more luxurious. You have more rooms at your disposal and also better technological integration.

➤ 10 Marla : These are the executive villas with the most luxurious living standards. These villas are suited for larger families with bigger needs. 10 Marla villas are ideally located and provide the best facilities.

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