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2 years Easy Intsallments

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Cygnus Arcade

Cygnus Arcade is a modern and attractive mixed-use commercial building that has offices, apartments and shops. Since, it is located in the Golden Gate City Society in Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin, it is an amazing proposition for residents and investors. However, it is the right time to approach to invest your money as it is one of the best commercial and residential project because of its modern look, remarkable design, and unique shape.  

We provide you with an easy installment plan for the commercial shops, apartments and office spaces. This project provides you with essential and necessary utilities that a commercial building should provide. Cygnus Arcade is a brand new well-built commercial shops, apartments, and offices space. It is ideally located in the well populated area of Mandi Bahauddin and has a great and high commercial value.


The new business and commercial hub, Cygnus Arcade offers an elite and exceptional environment for the corporate offices and businesses. You can easily avail of them at an easy installments. This commercial area offers full-proof security, high-quality services, with exclusive parking facilities. 

Allow us to levitate you to the ladder of success with the speed and comfort of an elevator. Here is your golden chance of a well-built property on easy installments. It is a perfect time to make a smart choice

Residents and investors of Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan have been waiting for such project since decades.  You can invest your money with high-profit returns. However, this project can help you in acquiring success. A quality project, that offers a high-standard services to their customers.

Cygnus Arcade Location

cygnus arcade location

The prime aspect that adds a value and significance to the building is the location. Cygnus Arcade is located in lavis Golden Gate City Scoiety  that is ideally situated in the Phalia, Mandi Bahauddin. This is a great opportunity for all the residents and investors in Mandi Bahauddin to invest their money. You can avail of shops, office spaces, and apartments on an easy installments. This project offers the customers to shop for sale on installment in Mandi Bahauddin at inexpensive and economical rates. If you enter the great and amazing Cygnus Arcade, you will know that why this is one of the best and favorite destination of all. Charming design, and a superb look. However, you can also book offices and apartments at an ideal and beautiful location on an easy installments.

Cygnus Arcade Project Builders

A project “Cygnus Arcade” brought to you by Cygnus Marketing. A well-known and credible Real Estate Company in the Mandi Bahauddin having an expertise in creating innovative, modern, and advanced structures. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Moreover, Cygnus Arcade will be constructed with top-quality material and has been supervised by high-qualified and well-experienced engineers. Now is your chance to purchase a commercial property for sale on an easy installments in Mandi Bahauddin.

We take immense pride in our architectural and unique design. Commercial shops, luxurious apartments, and spacious office spaces can be booked on just a single tap. Whether, you want to opt for cash payment or an easy installments, choice is yours! Cygnus Arcade is one of the top most residential and commercial project in Mandi Bahauddin due to its unique design, modern planning, and prime location. The provision of all general facilities makes it the top choice of all the residents in Mandi Bahauddin

Cygnus Arcade is the project constructed with the usage of modern technology. With its innovation and uniqueness in structure and design of the building, it has become the top choice of all the residents in Mandi Bahauddin.

You can explore numerous luxurious apartments, shops, and spacious office spaces for yourself. Hurry up now and make a benefit of this amazing opportunity.


Shops Installment Details:

  • 2 Year Easy Installment Plan
  • Book at 25% Down Payment

Area of shop:

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Office Installment Details:

  • 2 Year Easy Installment Plan
  • Book at 25% Down Payment

Area of office:

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Apartment Installment Details:

  • 2 Year Easy Installment Plan
  • Book at 25% Down Payment

Area of Apartments:

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Cygnus Arcade Project Features:

Each commercial shop, apartment, and office space is self-contained with its own necessary amenities that includes electricity, water, and gas.

There are few other facilities that are provided to ease the life of our customers. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • 24/7 Security
  • Backup Generator
  • Security Cameras
  • Emergency Exit
  • Wide parking area
  • Fire alarms
  • Secure and big entrance gate
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